Cities need special agriculture zones

The diverse team of scientists, sociologists, designers, journalists and climate change students had landed up in farmer Muniraju’s fields one early morning in the small town of Vijayapura close to Bengaluru one early morning. Walking through the green mulberry...

Kannada pocket guide for Common Avenue trees of Karnataka

A citizen friendly pocket-sized book in Kannada describes commonly found avenue trees, filling the paucity of such resources in the local language while also creating awareness and affinity with woody beings T.S. Srinivasa has been leading children and adults on...

STRAINS: decentralised approach to decontaminate Bengaluru’s wastewater

A novel decentralised in-stream system, conceptualised with inexpensive local materials that are easy to maintain, and releases decontaminated water in Bengaluru's lakes. Bengaluru’s water supply is met either by pipelines that...

Nature’s Gurukul: Learning by the lake, from the lake

An outdoor learning centre that aims to connect citizens with the Jakkur lake while understanding the lake itself better The conventional way of learning happens within the four walls of a classroom. A teacher imparts information and knowledge to a class of students...

Dr. Shubha Avinash: Keeping tabs on Bengaluru’s water

"It was my childhood dream to work on water," says Avinash. " Water is my religion." In conversation with hydrologist Shubha Avinash. Dr. Shubha Avinash is a Scientific Officer, heading the hydrology department at the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring...

Sarjapura Curries: Bringing back edible weeds

Villagers of V Kallahalli are turning new leaves   Just a few months ago, the public meeting area in V Kallahalli, a village just a few minutes from the tech glaze of Sarjapura, lay unkempt. The building’s compound was baked barren in the...

Events around Sustainability in Bengaluru

There are no upcoming events at this time

Conversations on Climate Change

While the world is forced into a standstill under the current COVID-19 pandemic the looming Climate Crisis is as present as ever before. In this series BSF in collaboration with BIC hosts conversations on various aspects of Climate Change meant for the general public.

Climate-Smart Cities: Building Resilience

Missing the Forest for the Trees: Pandemics, Biodiversity and the Circle of Life

There is No Planet-B: Lessons from the pandemic for Climate Justice

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