The women connected to Janani Abhivriddhi Swasahaya Sangha know which are the edible weeds around you and Suresh will bring this knowledge on your plate. Sarjapura curries is a community and inclusion based art/video project that aims to include edible weeds in the menu and document recipes of the same. It extends to conserving knowledge on those weeds and reviving their popularity in vegetable markets, popularising them for urban/terrace gardening and lastly promoting their seeds. Sarjapura curries wants to set up a Community garden in V Kalahalli to grow these weeds and have community meals to exchange knowledge (e.g. on traditional foraging). Sarjapura curries not only makes your meal plan more sustainable but also installs a sense of togetherness within society.

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By Suresh Kumar and Janani Abhivriddhi Swasahaya Sangha