Small Grants Programme

Collaboration is key! We think, there are many great ideas out there along with a tremendous amount of expertise and capacity and that it is best, if the people with these ideas and knowledge are synergistically working rather than slogging along their own lone path. So, we decided to support innovative, unusual  and forward thinking collaborative project ideas within the realm of urban sustainability in Bengaluru.

We invite proposals around the issues of urban sustainability, urban water, urban biodiversity, urban climate change or the linkages between them. It is desirable for the project to keep Bengaluru and its peri-urban areas in mind. However, other projects that can be applied to mega cities in general will also be considered. These projects can be many things including research, documentation and data collection, citizen science projects, outreach, communication and education programs, training and workshops. This list is of course not exhaustive.

Applicants can include illustrators, scientists, government employees, architects, interested citizens, journalists, educators and many more.



How to apply?

Kindly use this Application form for the BSF Small grants program for your grant proposal and submit it as a single file pdf to

You may send an email to for any further questions and clarifications


Eligibility criteria

  • Individuals/institutions/organizations working in the areas of urban water, urban biodiversity, urban climate change or connected to them.
  • The proposed project must involve at least two individuals/parties/organizations, in accordance with the BSF’s objective of a collaborative or integrative approach.
  • The project proposal should have a direct connection to Bengaluru or its peri-urban spaces and should be in the area of urban sustainability. However, proposals in the urban context in other mega cities which (theoretically) can be applied to Bangalore will also be considered.
  • Proposals for projects which might not directly fall under the specified areas, but are able to establish logical connections with (at least) one of them can be taken under consideration.

Grant specifics

  • Funding period up to 12 months
  • The maximum amount granted per proposal is 5 Lakh INR

We will be announcing the new call details soon. You can check back on the website or follow us at @sustainBLR on twitter, facebook and instagram to know the details.

You have an idea and are looking for a partner?

Please go through the list of participants of our previous retreats and try to identify a match. Or if that does not yield what you need, send a brief description of your idea (up to 300 words) along with the kind of institution/expert you are looking for to

We will try our best to partner you up!