This project will develop and deploy portable air quality monitors on public and private vehicles to collect data on air quality and encourage public engagement and action.

With air pollution having an insidious impact on the environment and well-being of the population, air quality is a necessary metric to measure. This venture aims to deploy portable air quality monitors that will be mounted on public and private vehicles, enabling collection of localized yet comprehensive air quality data. Data will be available online, making it easily accessible. When air pollution is quantified, it is easier to make communities realize the direct harm to them, and therefore act on improving air quality. By hosting civic engagement drives, we hope to create a dialogue with citizens and encourage integration of sustainable practices into their everyday lives. We also strive to work alongside government authorities and local civic bodies

By Reap Benefit and TechShift PESU

Project Start Date: December 2021

Pallavi Madhukar, Reap Benefit:
Tech+Social Good @ PES University: 

Status Report & Updates:

After testing multiple ways to encourage youth to build AQMs themselves, the team has started working on the display and consumption of this information. Another team in parallel is working on the portable version, which can be mounted inside a vehicle. The war in Ukraine has unfortunately created a shortage of the required parts and they are trying to find local durable and cost effective alternatives.