Civic Crowdsourcing using Technology will develop a chatbot where citizens can report problems and drive public engagement and government accountability for solving them

Decisions made for public good are often taken by representatives, government, scholars or policy makers. If the actual stakeholders, the public, are involved, then this will result in more substantial outcomes. The Reap Benefit Chatbot aims to leverage civic engagement for this purpose. Citizens will be able to report two issues using the Chatbot- broken/dirty public toilets and garbage spots. This choice enables us to draw two parallels between the resolution of issues – while we will rely on authorities for the fixing of public toilets, we will take matters into our own hands with respect to the garbage spots by involving communities, organizing clean up drives and spot-fixing. The end goal of this project is to create a cycle of report and resolve that is facilitated by a platform that acts as a medium between the public and the authorities.

By Reap Benefit and Puja Kalivarapu

Project Start Date: December 2021

Pallavi Madhukar, Reap Benefit:;
Puja Kalivarapu 

Status Report & Updates:

To increase the volume and ease of crowdsourcing civic information, they are working to ease the process, and ensure that there are enough partners and stakeholders to consume this information. Towards that, they have been focusing on improving and easing collection of location, behavioral nudges, using an IoT device to experiment other ways of collecting information. They are collaborating with behavioral experts to see how to improve engagement and response from citizens. They are also pursuing partnerships with Resident welfare associations and with other organizations from the city for using the bot and information gathered.