Climate-Smart Cities
Building Resilience

Date: Thu 14 May 2020 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Climate change and its likely impacts present serious challenges to an aspirational and rapidly urbanising India. Erratic rains, flooding, heat waves, air pollution, water shortages and now the pandemic have brought sharply into focus how unprepared indian cities are for any crisis. With every crisis, it seems that it doesn’t take much before our cities crumble into chaos.

A large percentage of urban residents are poor who live in less than acceptable conditions with no security of tenure and work in the unorganised sector. Despite the many complications and challenges, India should find ways of productively engaging with the problems of urbanization in the time of climate change, because it’s impacts will increasingly threaten development outcomes.

Join our expert panel as they discuss how climate change will impact urban India, what can be done to build inherent resilience for safe, liveable, healthy cities and how we can get there.



Anu Jogesh, Climate Change Policy & Governance

Ankit Bhardwaj, Energy and Climate Change in cities

Prem Chandavarkar, Architecture & Urban planning

Ashwin Mahesh, Climate Science & Urbanism

Rajeev Gowda, Public Policy & Politics

Ravichandar, Moderator

In collaboration with the Bangalore International Centre