Illustration credit: A page from a student’s notebook. Kiran DK. Kannamangala Government Higher Primary School, Shidlaghatta taluk, Chikballapur

This project will develop original literature on climate change in Kannada and English and organize workshops/public lectures for involving students in discussions on climate change and climate justice. 

The climate crisis is real, pervasive and contemporary for people living across the world. There is a large body of burgeoning evidence on the processes contributing to climate change. The concerns and understanding of the impact of climate change in an unequal world is capitulating the imminent necessity to dialogue with people, students, youths – not limiting to policymakers or scientists alone.

This collaborative project aims to reach out to the students and youth in particular. The project plans to create original literature on climate change in Kannada and English and to curate a dialogue around this with students so that they can relate to the context of the ecological, cultural and linguistic landscapes they grew up in. The central focus of the project is to make the evidence of climate change accessible to young people and to elucidate the understanding of equity and justice vis-à-vis climate crisis using graphic literature and public lectures.  

by Bharath Gyan Vigyan Samithi and Azim Premji University (APU) 

Project Start Date: August 2021

Bharath Gyan Vigyan Samithi :
Krishnapriya Tamma, APU: