This project will produce a set of about 60 easy to use flashcards on common spiders and insects that one will come across in and around Bengaluru city.

The flashcards will have fun educational content on the natural history, interesting behaviour, useful identifying tips and the kinds of habitats the species are found in. The flashcards will be in a roller binder so that it is easy to carry around as a unit but also removable as separate cards so that they can be placed anywhere and used as teaching aids and as educational games. They can also be used in schools by educators to promote learning, provoke conversations and can be used as aids for nature educators when taking groups for nature walks. The design and content will be open source so that others may use the information and create/modify it to their context or requirement for educational purposes. 50 sets each in English, Kannada and Hindi will be produced to start with.


Project Start Date: May 2020