This project will produce a set of about 60 easy to use flashcards on common spiders and insects that one will come across in and around Bengaluru city.

The project imagines around 50 flash cards featuring 20 commonly found insects and spider groups. The content will have natural history information, behaviour and easy visual markers to aid in identification. These flashcards on common spiders and insects around us are aimed at children and adults and can also be used by nature educators on guided walks.

The design is enabled to be such that all the flashcards will be in a roller binder so that it is easy to carry around as a unit but also removable as separate cards so that they can be placed anywhere and used as teaching aids and educational games. This flash card pack can be used in nature groups in schools by educators to promote learning and initiate conversations. The set can also be used as group games during gatherings with family and like-minded friends in residential complexes. The design and content will be open source so that others may use the information to create/modify it to suit their context or requirement for educational purposes. 

Project Start Date: May 2020

Vena Kapoor,
Priya Venkatesh,

Status Report & Updates:

The project has been unfortunately delayed further. A new timeline is being worked towards at the moment and updates will be shared soon.