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Like many major cities, Bengaluru faces a challenging mix of aspiration, opportunity, disruption, and uncertainty. In response, we believe that three relevant dimensions to the re-imagination of cities of the future are- Citizenship, Climate, and Collaboration. Namma Ward Namma Dhwani is our first major initiative in this frame.

By 2030, we want to demonstrate a city where we live well together, despite the emerging environmental challenges. Cities of different sizes and shapes host the aspirations of many young people in India. We want them to experience a city where they flourish, not just survive. In order to progress towards a flourishing society, we need to be equipped with frameworks and tools to engage with the complexity of urban existence and human aspirations. This initiative will develop and apply a set of tools to understand the idea of human well-being as expressed by the citizens of a ward and enable a culture of deliberative democracy. To enable the use of these tools, we will incubate a process at a local level to nurture a culture of deliberative and democratic urban governance.

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By Socratus Foundation for Collective Wisdom, Flourishing Bengaluru Collective and Dr. Manu V Mathai.

Project Start Date:
April 2023

Final Report

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