The Grounds for Change project reimagines traceability as everyday stories embedded in People, Place and Ecology. Our long term vision is that certification labels and blockchain traceability is accompanied with rich, qualitative stories about producers and ecosystems and that through this process, producers also derive higher value.

by Black Baza Coffee & Quicksand Design Studio. 

Project Start Date: August 2021

Dr Arshiya Urveeja Bose, Black Baza Coffee,
Babitha George, Quicksand


Despite delays and disruptions owing to COVID-19 the team made significant progress on the project. One of the objectives was to build an interactive storytelling through which coffee consumers in Bangalore city might become more connected to people and landscapes wherein coffee growers. Over the past few months, they have begun building a website as well as carried out much of the fieldwork with coffee growers in BR Hills, which involved holding workshops at a hamlet level with coffee growers about traceability, coffee consumption and how they might want to engage with coffee drinkers. These workshops have also involved outreach on the national and global coffee market, where is coffee grown, how is it consumed and what are successful case studies of how coffee growers have negotiated with the market and also build connectedness with coffee drinkers.

They now plan to extend fieldwork to The Nilgiris and Wayanad districts as well as use the next six months to engage with coffee citizens in Bangalore through workshops and pop-up events/gatherings.