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Real estate developers face few hurdles in getting environment clearance
Photo by Bengaluru Sustainability Forum.
Author: Bhanu Sridharan
Date:6 September 2021

Environment Clearance for Township Projects 
Photo by Bhanu Sridharan.
Author: Bhanu Sridharan
Date:7 September 2021

Bengaluru’s ecosystems and biodiversity
Photo by  Bengaluru Sustainability Forum.
Author: Bengaluru Sustainability Forum
Date:7 September 2021

The secret life of solitary bees
Photo by Arati Kumar Rao.
Author: Arati Kumar Rao
Date:8 March 2021

Katte and Kunte: The lesser known waterbodies of Bengaluru
Photo by Mohit  M. Rao
Author: Mohit  M. Rao
Date: 15 October 2020

The slender loris struggles to find canopy in Bengaluru
Photo by Angad Achappa/Urban Slender Loris Project.
Author: Mohit  M. Rao
Date: 24 September 2020

Revival and absence of Bengaluru’s traditional crop varieties
Photo by S. Padulosi/Flickr.
Author: Apekshita Varshney
Date: 24 August 2020


Elephant on the Zebra Crossing



Prof. Uma Ramakrishnan (NCBS) speaks with Srinivas Vaidyanathan (FERAL), Dr. Nishant Srinivasiah and Anisha Jayadevan (Frontier Elephants Programme) on their ‘Elephants on the Zebra Crossing’ project from the BSF Small Grants Programme to understand the vision behind the project, their learnings and experiences, challenges and the way ahead. With the first round of Small Grants almost at an end, this is part of BSF’s attempt to reflect on the projects and Small Grants Programme in general.

Avenue trees in Bengaluru



Many of those who have visited Bengaluru know of its fabulous trees in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. Not many though would know their name, flowering patterns and benefits they offer to us urban dwellers and urban wildlife. In this video eminent Naturalists Karthikeyan S. and T.S. Srinivasa speak about the history of those trees in Bengaluru and introduce them in great detail.

Learning From and Living with nature: Experiences from Jakkur Lake

For a City like Bengaluru to be water resilient there is a dire need to save our Lakes. Community, Collaboration and Conservation are the three c’s to focus on when it comes to revival of urban lakes. Conservation becomes possible when Communities around the lake come together to Collaborate with the stakeholders to work towards saving the lake.

Stories of Resilience – Byramangala

This is the first story from the ‘Stories of Resilience’ project by Quicksand and Bharat Mirle. In this video story, they look at how cattle rearers on the outskirts of Bangalore are coping with city and industrial waste being pushed out to the Byramangala reservoir.