The goal of the project is to design a framework for Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) at the ward level in Bengaluru using 2 wards as testbeds that can be used to create ward level action plans. 

The project responds to the on-going crisis of water in the city from the perspective of supply, access, management, and contamination, leveraging the new found opportunity of the recently constituted ward committees. These committees are mandated to undertake planning, budgeting as well as maintenance of water supply at the ward level. Given that the committees currently lack the technical capacity to do so, this project intends to help bridge that gap. 

The objective of the project is the following: 

  1. To evaluate and propose management and technological solutions for specific ward issues
  2. From a planning viewpoint: determine what is actionable at the ward level, its potential impact and what requires to be solved at other scales of governance.
  3. Extrapolate how private actors and public actors can work in tandem towards improving access, availability, quality, and its overall sustainability

Project Start Date: May 2020

Ankit Bhargava,

Status Report & Updates:

 The project is successfully completed.