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What should the city look like? Who feeds Bengaluru? Is Bengaluru a good place to work? What is our relationship with the outdoors? Can Bengaluru sustain itself?

Answers to these questions will determine the future for Bengaluru and it is citizens. Join Bengaluru Sustainability Forum and Vaaka Media as we seek them through conversations with diverse stakeholders – communities, projects, institutions and people – working to help Bengaluru move towards a more sustainable future. 

Each episode of Ooru is hosted by one of the BSF steering committee members. Will their discussions and debates provide answers or throw up more questions? Stay tuned to find out.


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Some questions about Bengaluru are very easy to answer. Like what’s your favorite place in the city? Other questions are less easy to answer. There’s a certain set of questions most people in ths city spent a lot of time thinking and worrying about – is Bengaluru sustainable? Are we going to run out of food and water? How can we become a part of our city’s sustainable future?

Ooru is a new podcast about Bengaluru city and its future. Join us as we find out what we’re doing to plan for our city’s sustainability : for our food, water, trees, lakes, streets and our lives.

The Collaborators

Vaaka Media is an independent podcast production company and communication consultancy based in Bengaluru. Their shows span a gamut of themes, from In the Field which looks at the work of the development sector in India to Ex Machina which uncovers the hidden stories about how technology changes society to City of Women, a podcast that looks at how women mentally and physically navigate the city.

The Bengaluru Sustainability Forum is an inter-institutional collaborative initiative that aims to address issues reating to long-term sustainability of urban and peri-urban landscapes. The main objective of BSF is to convene and disseminate knowledge on various aspects of sustainability in the urban landscape, with a focus on Bengaluru.