This project will evaluate the STP at Sowl Kere for its effectiveness and efficiency levels

A lake’s identity is the water it holds and the life it sustains around. Sowl Kere does not get much water. The storm water mixed with sewage flows around it and is diverted out. This is a valuable source to mine, treat and bring to acceptable quality that can be used to fill the lake. Mapsas in partnership Biome prefers to use natural, ecologically sustainable means to release good quality water, capable of supporting life  in the food web around the lake. There is an existing 100 KLD non-conventional, non-energy consuming STP that was piloted at Sowl Kere. However, it needs to be evaluated for efficiency, effectiveness and volume of input and output. This project would do that and look at ways of enhancing the throughput, quality and functioning besides any maintenance required. It could become a model for sustainable water treatment to enhance water quality and quantity into Bengaluru lakes.

by MAPSAS Trust and Biome Environmental Trust

Start Date: December 2021

Conact: MAPSAS Trust:,; Shubha Ramachandran, Biome: