This project will evaluate the STP at Sowl Kere for its effectiveness and efficiency levels

This project will evaluate the current 100 KLD non-conventional, non-energy consuming STP set up at Sowl Kere to determine its effectiveness and efficiency levels. Stormwater is the source of water for this lake. The lake holds very little water and is largely dry for most of the year. An attempt was made to increase the inflow to the lake all through the year by directing wastewater from the diversion drain into the lake after passing through the STP. Mapsas in partnership Biome prefers to use natural, ecologically sustainable means to release good quality water, capable of supporting life  in the food web around the lake.

Start Date: December 2021

MAPSAS Trust:,
Shubha Ramachandran, Biome:

Status report and updates
This project has been successfully completed. 

The STP was cleaned and the inlet/outlet piping was revamped in Feb 2022. Output water quality and flow were tested to assess the STP’s effectiveness as well. The outcome of the maintenance activity has resulted in satisfactorily clean water with an increased flow rate.