The Suttha Muttha project will take experiences and stories of local ecology and biodiversity to back to school. 

‘Unfortunately the children of today – who will be the grown-ups of tomorrow – are likely to have very different memories of their childhood and the outdoors. Children increasingly grow up disconnected from and fearful and suspicious of the natural world that they are part off.’ 

By making meaning of serendipitous encounters with myriad creatures that visit their schools the project hopes to facilitate deeper connections for students with their immediate natural world. Jane Sahi, Founder Fig Tree learning center and Roshni Ravi, Nature conservation foundation are going to design and create locally relevant and accessible teaching-learning material, curate stories, songs and sayings in consultation with parents, teachers and students.  They will develop and offer immersive nature education and nature learning workshops for students and teachers. Material emerging from this will be made available freely under the creative commons understanding. 

Please reach out to Jane or Roshni if you are interested in this and if you would like to use any of the ideas and material in a school you know.


Project Start Date: May 2020


Sample Activity Sheets about nature in and around our homes. Click on the image to download, print and play.