This project aims to expand the reach of responsible seafood culture by nurturing awareness and appreciation for marine life.

Know Your Fish ( is a responsible seafood initiative. We work towards helping seafood consumers from the west coast of India to make seafood choices that are least damaging to ocean ecosystems. With our partners “Spiders and the Sea” (https://www.spidersandthesea.) we have developed a project which aims to expand the reach of responsible seafood culture. We will do that by 1. Making our web presence in regional languages, 2. undertaking ocean awareness and sensitization programmes for seafood consumers of Bengaluru, Mangaluru and Udipi and 4. Creating publicly accessible outreach material and 4. Exploring Bangalore seafood culture

by Know Your Fish and Spiders and the Sea

Start Date: August 2021

Contact: Mayuresh Gangal :,  Pooja Rathod:, Samuel John:, Chetana Purushotham: