Citizen Matters and Mongabay India will research, develop and publish stories and short videos on “The why and how of Bengaluru’s biodiversity”:

This includes 2 guidebooks [guidelines for reporting on urban environment targeting journalists & best practices for scientists to engage with civil society and journalists targeting scientists.]; 10 longform articles and 5 video stories exploring Bangalore’s biodiversity. They will also conduct a training workshop for journalists on covering the environment and sustainability and for scientists on how to communicate their findings better to the public. 


Project Start Date: May 2020



These articles are a part of the BSF supported series on Bengaluru’s Ecosystems and Biodiversity by Mongabay-India and Citizen Matters.

The secret life of solitary bees
Photo by Arati Kumar Rao.
Author: Arati Kumar Rao
Date:8 March 2021