Small Grants Programme

Call for proposals to the Small Grants Programme

The last date for sending in applications is over. Please note that the shortlisted applicants were invited for the final selection round and the list of projects chosen under the current Small Grants Programme call will be declared in a few weeks. Thank you for your patience!!

2020 was the second warmest year on record. It has seen an extraordinary number of extreme weather events, habitat destruction and biodiversity loss, and consequently an increased risk of spillover events potentially leading to a pandemic like the one we are currently experiencing. It is evident that we need to act to enable and attempt more sustainable choices at every level. While the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and many international agreements and consortiums try to drive overarching systemic solutions we think change can, and should happen also on the local level.

The Bengaluru Sustainability Forum (BSF) under its Small Grants Programme calls for grant proposals around the issues of urban water, urban biodiversity and urban climate change. Project proposals that connect any of the aforementioned to other aspects of urban sustainability, e.g. quality education, responsible production and consumption and/or reduced inequality are equally welcome.

The Small Grants Programme is designed to break open silos of expertise and call for collaborations across different professional backgrounds. We therefore strongly encourage cross-disciplinary projects and involvement of stakeholders on the ground as well as collaborative applications of at least 2 individuals/organizations/institutions. Please do get in touch prior to sending in an application if you or your organization has a strong cross-disciplinary idea to address any of the above mentioned areas but you have not yet found a partner with the desired expertise.

We expect the project to be applicable to Bengaluru or its peri-urban areas. However, projects that can be applied to mega cities in the Indian context will also be considered.

Eligibility criteria

  • We are looking forward to proposals from individuals/institutions/organizations working in the areas of urban water, urban biodiversity, urban climate change or other aspects of urban sustainability.
  • The proposed project should involve at least two individuals/parties/organizations, in accordance with the BSF’s objective of a collaborative or integrative approach. We appreciate cross-disciplinary project proposals.
  • Proposals for projects which might not directly fall under the specified areas, but are able to establish logical connections with (at least) one of them can be taken under consideration.
  • Examples of appropriate activities for these grants include documentation, data collection, research, outreach and communication, training, workshops, citizen science and citizen engagement.

Application Process and Timelines

  • Download this Application Form of the BSF Small grants program and submit it as a single file pdf to
  • Submit the application until 10th of March 2021
  • Shortlisted proposals will be notified until 17th of March 2021
  • Shortlisted candidates are expected to give a virtual presentation on the 25th of March 2021

You may send an email to for any further questions and clarifications

Grant specifics

  • Funding period up to 12 months
  • The maximum amount granted per proposal is 5 Lakh INR

The Small Grants programme is an initiative to enable local innovative cross-disciplinary projects to start off and grow into a sustainable future. We have funded 3 batches with a total of 19 projects since 2018, leading to thriving citizen interaction like in the case of the Jakkur Lake community Garden, peer reviewed publications like in the case of the ‘Strategic in-stream systems for a decentralized approach of waste contamination in stormwater drains’ or to being the crucial spark for an ever growing project like Sarjapura Curries which has received a lot of news coverage, featured in an exhibition by Science Gallery Bengaluru and has now moved to a bigger space, delivering heirloom greens and vegetables within its neighbourhood. The small grants programme also wants to help connect science and research done in the city of Bengaluru with the actual situation on the ground, involving as many stakeholders and sections of the society as possible.